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William Pryke

Born 1824 - Died 1890


William Pryke (son of William Pryke & Lucy Banley) was born in 1824 in Dalham, Suffolk, England.

He married Maria Mole in Dalham, Suffolk, England on 22nd February 1851.

He died in 1890 in Dalham, Suffolk, England.


Children Of William Pryke & Maria Mole

Emma Pryke Born 8th September 1852

Henry Pryke Born 5th September 1854

William Pryke Born 19th April 1856

Frederick Pryke Born 9th March 1858

Susan Pryke Born 23rd January1860

Joseph Pryke Born 24th November 1861

Owen Samuel Pryke Born 1864

James Pryke Born 1866

Robert Pryke Born 1868

Annie Pryke Born 1870

Louisa Anna Pryke Born 1872

Caroline Mary Pryke Born 1874


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